What is the Stephen Ministry?

In Acts 6, Stephen is recorded as the first brother chosen by the apostles to take care of those in need. Not only does he have a good reputation, he is confident, filled with the Holy Spirit, and wise. The Stephen Ministry, founded in 1975 after the name of this elder, adheres to the principle of God's love for the world, works with the church, trains those who are interested in caring for the hurting individuals of the local community in and outside the church.

Over the past 40 years, 13,000 churches have joined the family; 75,000 pastors or individuals have been trained to become Stephen Leaders; 600,000 Christians have received high-quality training to become front-line Stephen Ministers. 1.5 million people, in the midst of the hardships of life, have experienced the blessings of Jesus.

We are looking for Stephen Ministers to be trained in 2021!

Want to Serve?

What does a Stephen Minister need to do?

The most important things Stephen Ministers do are come alongside people, giving their time, listening ears, prayer, and encouragement. Through a Stephen Minister, care receivers will feel the warmth and love of Jesus, and have the power to continue through the journey of life. The process of caring is more important than the result because we are simply the care-givers. Jesus alone is the true cure-giver!

How do I become a Stephen Minister?

In order to provide quality care, individuals must go through the following steps:

  1. Fill out and submit the registration form
  2. Interview - so we can get to know you better and assess if this ministry is a good match
  3. A 50-hour training course and study materials (Because some books do not have Chinese translations, participants must have basic English reading skills)
  4. Two year minimum commitment to serve after training - you will be matched to one care receiver and typically spend 1-2 hours a week with that individual 
  5. Participate in Supervision groups twice a month throughout your commitment period to improve the quality of care.

Why should I become a Stephen Minister?

  1. Jesus’ compassion and mercy is the example we as Christians seek to follow. Even as we were saved by His mercy from the pit of sin, so we desire to lead people to Christ in many ways. It is our duty and privilege to work with Jesus in caring for people in pain! In addition, building caring skills benefits our own lives, as we experiencing richer, deeper relationships with our own loved ones.

What is a "Stephen Leader" and what is their role?

Stephen Leaders are individuals commissioned by the church to be trained at a weeklong Stephen Leader conference. They are responsible for the promotion, supervision, and instruction of the ministry of the church. Home of Christ in Cupertino's Stephen Leaders are: Bill Leung, Esther Kuo, Grace Wang, Keaton Chiu, and Stanley Kuo. If you are interested in serving as a Stephen Minister, please send our leaders an email.

Contact us

Leave a Voicemail (408) 614 - 7787

Email stephen-leaders@hoc5.org

Stephen Minister Forms & Information
Getting Care

Compassionate, faithful, and trustworthy caregivers, through one-on-one meetings, bring the love of Jesus to those who are facing difficulties in life, accompanying them through valleys of sorrow to rekindle the hope of life.

If you or a friend has a need (including but not limited to grieving a loss, life transitions like empty nester or new parent, unemployment, recently moved), leave a voicemail at the number below to get in contact with a Stephen Leader.

Please do not report a friend's need without first asking for permission, and keep all referrals confidential!

Who are the "care receivers" that Stephen Ministers care for?

Care receivers are people experiencing difficulties or crises, including but not limited to moving, new parenthood, losing loved ones, transitioning jobs, suffering illness, facing miscarriage, going through divorce, experiencing spiritual lows, and life stage transitions. The privacy of the care receiver will be fully respected and protected.

Are all care receivers individuals who attend the church?

No. Care receivers may be church attendees, but they can also be neighbors, friends, or anyone else in your spheres of influence. High-quality care allows people in distress to experience and understand the depth of Christ's love.

Are you interested in being matched with a Stephen Minister?

Everyone experiences obstacles and challenges in life at one time or another! If you are experiencing hardships and would like to have some support, please contact us. Those who are able to see their own needs and willing to seek help are the bravest people. It is just as important to accept help as it is to help others. These experiences allow us to better understand the heart of Jesus and experience the richness of the Lord's love together!