Grace has been a HOC5 native since 1997, when there was no playground (now there's two! - kids have it so good nowadays). Even so, she always felt a deep sense of estrangement and left for college with bitterness against the church that had never felt like home. God grew her faith and idea of a God-centered community at UCLA, and she wanted to stay in SoCal after school ended, but during the summer before graduation, she felt God inviting her back to her home church to revisit the wounds of the past. After coming back and experiencing God's provision and healing in a myriad of ways, interning with the church for a year, and working in corporate America for another three years, Grace once again felt God's nudge into full-time ministry using His gift of administration. So once again, she began working at HOC5 in February 2019. Grace is very excited to bring her love for organizing things, planning events, and saving the environment, to build up the infrastructure of the church to build up the kingdom of God.